Have you heard the great news?

A new statutory law took effect January 1st of this year that disallows misdemeanor probation to exceed one year in most cases.  This new law is not retroactive to include cases resolved prior to this year, but please continue reading.  You may qualify for an amazing solution that even extends beyond misdemeanor probation reduction.

We hope you are not on probation and do not need this.  Or if you are on probation and have a lawyer, please consult them immediately.

But if you are on probation from before this year and do not currently have a lawyer, please pay close attention.  Caselaw exists that allows you to seek the same one-year reduction available from this new law for your current probation.  This might allow you to not only reduce your probation to one year, but even terminate it and seek expungement of your entire case.

Each situation is different, and no promises can be made.  But we will happily research your case to see if you qualify.

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We look forward to reducing and possibly even terminating your probation and expunging your case as soon as possible.

Introducing Roger Lampkin

Roger Lampkin has been practicing criminal defense for more than thirty-five years, and is an author of multiple criminal defense books, articles, and pleadings, including California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine and Handbook for the Accused.  He is a major contributor to Passing Time While Doing Time.  His books are available through the Amazon links below or through major booksellers.

Mr. Lampkin has successfully tried hundreds of criminal cases, and has obtained post conviction relief on many more.  He is highly skilled both in trial and with post conviction pleadings, and he regularly litigates Expungements, Sealing Orders, Motions to Terminate Probation, and other forms of relief for defendants who have suffered through the criminal justice system.

To have start the process of having Mr. Lampkin review your case at no charge, call (661) 873-4423.

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